Month: April 2011

The Sad Truth

I wrote this poem back in the year 2004

Since the day I was born, there’s a burden,
I try to dodge it, but it stays over my head,
My heart has gain strength from the pain and hurting,
In times of humiliation and hunger, I pray for my deathbed,
My parents sinned to the fullest in their past,
Confrontation and sorrow are my best friends,
Yet, old timers say it won’t last,
Tough times are lengthy but once happiness occurs, it never ends.

Copyright © 2004

T.J., I don’t know

 Written by Lavender Queen Liz

He said we’re like a magnet,
It’s funny, I am resisting to fit.
He needs a woman’s touch,
It don’t matter, I can’t get enough.
I shiver at the thought of him, so scared,
Me in love with anyone, it’s feared.

When together, we’re closer than close,
Still when he promise it upsets me the most,
I have to stay away from him, I try
He comes back like “The Sad Truth“, no lie
I am letting go, it’s too mysterious,
I am not filling the space of the curious.

Copyright © 2011