Month: August 2011

Hurricane Irene hit Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York

I am happy to share with all my readers and soon to be readers, the effect that Hurricane Irene had on the East Coast, specifically in Brooklyn N.Y. where I was born and raised. It was an instant moment for me to end up at Prospect Park, nothing planned, and however, I am happy it happened that way. Now I have classic, original photos!


Below is a video footage and pictures by myself


(Lavender Queen Liz)



IMG_4684IMG_4714IMG_4720IMG_4724IMG_4726IMG_4728IMG_4732IMG_4733IMG_4743IMG_4745IMG_4753sIMG_4756Ocean Avenue and Woodruff Brooklyn NYOcean Avenue and Woodruff Brooklyn NY 2Lavender Queen LizIMG_4674IMG_4675IMG_4677IMG_4679IMG_4692IMG_4695


Love can’t be that strong

The sound of your voice enlightened my night,

Your have another child with her, again and it gave me twilight.

Life goes on, but the back of the heart does not move on,

Love can’t be that damn strong.

I am happy that you are alive and kicking,

It’s time to marry her and stop tricking.

Never ever could I see myself with you,

But the feelings have not fully fallen through.

My life is blessed with a child,

But baby I can still spot you from a mile.

Then I think to you reaching out to me,

If I was with you, the same thing would be.

As for her, she does not know,

If she did, you still wouldn’t go.

Therefore, I say, I say and I say, again,

Love can’t be that damn strong, friend to the end.

A Year Ago-Dedicated to my son Dajantee’-A Poem

A year ago I was so anticipated and frustrated.

A year ago I was huge like an elephant, wobbling and bobbling to get something to eat.

A year ago I was having contractions and was sent home twice because you weren’t ready yet.

And now in a few days you’ll be 1 year old, the joyful tears in my eyes are so sincere,

Since you said on August 5th, 2010 “Mommy I am here.”

The gynecologist said my due date was August 4th, 2010, which is also President Barack Obama’s birthday.

I was hoping it will be on that Obama’s birthday, but you arrived on August 5th, 2010 instead.

It is a blessing to me for you will follow in the footsteps of a trendsetting, successful man,

Ha ha my baby boy isn’t life grand.

I love you Dajantee’

True love, a gift and blessing from God!