Day: August 10, 2011

Love can’t be that strong

The sound of your voice enlightened my night,

Your have another child with her, again and it gave me twilight.

Life goes on, but the back of the heart does not move on,

Love can’t be that damn strong.

I am happy that you are alive and kicking,

It’s time to marry her and stop tricking.

Never ever could I see myself with you,

But the feelings have not fully fallen through.

My life is blessed with a child,

But baby I can still spot you from a mile.

Then I think to you reaching out to me,

If I was with you, the same thing would be.

As for her, she does not know,

If she did, you still wouldn’t go.

Therefore, I say, I say and I say, again,

Love can’t be that damn strong, friend to the end.