Month: November 2011

Newly Un-Weds

The love is in the air,
So much that is scare.
He feels, she feels, the rarely agree,
“When?” he asks, will I get to see.
“I think I love him” she ponder,
When not together, they wonder.
Fear, Falling, Fuss and fight,
Yet, can’t wait for that day/ night.
“You make me feel brand new!”

Lavender Queen Liz


When you see him you perceive hard work, and love is needed!
He isn’t noticeable right away, he makes you aware.
Hard work is his survival, no steady payment only commissioned money.
Not willing to settle for less or so Joseph says to her.
Then she thinks, maybe he is a woman’s key to happiness, unlock and open.
Joseph, Joseph, Joseph is all she thinks about.
“Save me” she says, and he has yet to hear her plea…