Month: December 2011

The Last of 2011

We always promise ourselves that everything will be New for the next Year.

Our previous goals and ambitions re-appear, yet why should it?

Aren’t they labeled goals for a reason?

It is not that most people don’t want to succeed, it’s  their environment or surrounding influence.

If procrastinators can rid themselves of focus killers then more can be accomplished.

Sometimes it’s good not to listen because what is heard (sometimes) can dishearten perception.

The New Year starts with transitioning situations from the previous year, whether we like it or not.

The bills, relationships, children, money, clothes, houses, apartments, cars, friends (fake or real), family members, mind set, guilt’s, regrets and more….

All of these are transitioning concepts that will not go anywhere!

However, they can be changed, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, and then year by year, if we really want to see change.

Nothing happens over night!  Once a person puts their mind to change, then it will come.

So stop saying to yourselves “For the New Year, it’s all going to change.”  Because it’s really not, but it can be done if your just DON’T SAY ANYTHING, JUST DO IT!  Like Nike’s slogan.

In addition, I wish and hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous day by day beginning and a becoming 2012.


Late Night…and you

I am up late and sort of awake pondering what I should do about you,
It’s hard because I feel, everything is right in my face and real,
But you are the hardest to get a long with,
What to do? What to do? Stay or Walk or Fly?
When I try, you cry with no tears, and then I give in,
Ohhh there you go again, a few days in…
What to do about you? I am up late craving your face, not really knowing my place. Why do you always chase me shortly after running me away.
Let’s hope I don’t stray

Lavender Queen Liz