Union Square March for Trayvon Martin and My Tribute…

UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY March and a Million Hoodies for Trayvon…let us keep this going!

Words cannot express the way I feel about Trayvon Martin’s death.  I have a son and he will be 2 years old in 5 months from now.  Therefore, I should be fearful in fourteen to fifteen years from now, when he returns from the store to buy candy and juice while talking to his puppy love girlfriend on his cell phone?   Honestly, I do not want to express too much about Trayvon’s death because I will start to rant and speak in an irate tone.  Right now, it’s about justice and not giving the devil what he desires!  Please do not misunderstand or get me wrong; I am sad, hurt and very sorrowful for his family’s lost.  Trayvon Martin died a young man with a promising future, and sadly racial profiling happens every day in the United States of America.  And it needs to be eliminated!  Percentages aren’t good enough to statistically say that, racial profiling is not as high as it once was.  By God it needs to stop….

God Bless Trayvon Martin’s Angel spirit and his family.

Twitter trends for Trayvon: #trayvonmartin #millionhoodies #PhillyHoodieMarch

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2 thoughts on “Union Square March for Trayvon Martin and My Tribute…

  1. It does need to stop; we all need to stop it and we all need to keep making noise.
    We need to end racism and racial profiling; we need to demand that of the police.
    We need to end the crazy gun toting mentality that is sweeping this country; we need to demand that of our elected officials.
    I share your pain and your fear.
    My sons are white, but my fear that they will be in the “wrong place at the wrong time” is very strong. How can we keep our children safe when people believe that it is acceptable to shoot and kill a child, just because he makes them nervous?

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