Day: March 31, 2012

“The story just does not make sense, that he was in this type of scuffle. The story just does not add up!” Funeral Director Debunks Defense stated about the #TrayvonMartin killing!

Twitter trends for Trayvon:

Red heart

Journalists will be arrested for questioning.

Martin’s mom: Video ‘icing on the cake’

This HIGH PROFILE case is not going to rest, and the people in the nation whom are praying along with me.  Justice will be served!  Who ever leaked the surveillance video of George Zimmerman arrest, I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart!

CNN Video Footage

CNN Video Footage

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer speaks on behalf of his Client!  He looks so uneasy…

Trayvon Martin Witness Breaks Silence and Trayvon Martin Girlfriend Speaks


My heart if very heavy with this case, such a handsome, young man gone because of racial profiling…God help his family and everyone else who is outraged.