For weeks Iʼve been mentally searching for the most appropriate way to express my feelings towards the loss of Trayvon Martin. My mind is consumed with a recipe of mixed emotions that Iʼve been struggling to control: anger, sadness, depression and anxiety – just to name a few. Why did this young man have to die this way? Why is this ok? Why is his murderer still free?

It seems like only yesterday when I laid in the maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital, only days before I gave birth to my son. That was five years ago and I will never forget watching the news and witnessing the aftermath of the Sean Bell shooting. Worried and wondering “how could they shoot up the car like that, this looks like an execution.” How is this politically and morally proper? These young men belong to someone. Someoneʼs son or brother. The scariest part is that they did nothing wrong. FYI-Sean…

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