The Most Popular Musical Tributes Made for Trayvon Martin

Celebrities are honoring Trayvon Martin in a number of ways; from wearing hoodies toTweeting messages to their millions of fans, stars are looking for justice to be served to the young victim and his shooter George Zimmerman.

While Plies decided to release a tribute song to the teen on iTunes with all proceeds going to his family, Chaka Khan rounded up dozens of her famous friends for an honorary remake of one of her songs. Papoose sampled the spiritual song “Wade in the Water,” while Childish Gambino made a faux pas by using the slain student’s name as a punchline. A few used audio from the controversial 911 calls made, as well as recordings from President Obama’s speech. Listen below:

Wyclef, “Justice”: The former Fugees member’s reggae-tinged song comes soon after releasing his viral effort “I Am” focusing on global profiling.

“If you’re 17 / You should learn the law / Fight with your mind / Stronger than arms…”



Twitter trends for Trayvon:

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