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Kenya Did Find the Dead Fish in her Hotel Room

During the their long vacation in Tahiti girls played a prank on Kenya putting dead sea animals in her room. The show never aired if she found them or confronted them about it, but it wasn’t until the show aired that she saw it was them who did it. Kenya tells Vh1 blog that she did find them read what she had to say.

Did you smell anything?

I did. When I first got to the room I didn’t, but the next day I was like, “Is there a dead animal in here?” So I got up that morning because I couldn’t take it, and I went to the front desk and I said “There’s something in my room,” and when they came to clean, I was sitting out reading a book and I really never saw anything.

That’s hilarious. Their prank went unappreciated.

That’s what you get! Once I…

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