Lil’ Kim-Return of the Queen 2012, It’s All About Her

lil-kim-2012 EP

“She is constantly being criticized by the media because of her music, style, attitude and image”-Said by a critic

Lil’ Kim the Legend with Extreme Courage

I am so, so cheerful that Lil’ Kim has return to the stage’s/theatre’s around the country and gracing her fans with her music, because a lot of people were worried. The people that were worried, were her fans, as well as, most media personnel, ME, and more! I would have been more specific about the magazine companies, online gossip websites and such, however, when I read articles about Lil’ Kim, most of them are attacks and very judgmental. Attack/judgments in the form of her performing and touring the country in 2012, the constant negativity about her clothing style or looks, and it is like they forgot about her true legacy and how she has changed the Rap/Hip-Hop entertainment world, when she came out in the mid-1990’s. Lil’ Kim didn’t override what the other Rap female artists before her had done, but she came with a revealing, new style that made most people say “Wow, who is this/that sexy ass girl?” or “Where the hell is her clothes!?” If anyone have forgotten or was not informed, I posted a few Youtube videos below in reference to this entire article.

lil-kim hard core cover220px-Lil'_Kim_Hard_Core3

Furthermore, when her first album, Hardcore was released in 1996 (which went 2 times platinum by RIAA in 2001) and she did the hot and sexy Crush on You video, everybody and their mother changed their hair to: green, blue, red, or yellow (not that it wasn’t done before.) Not to mention the well known poster promoting her (see above this paragraph) album took everyone’s breath away! I had my mouth and eyes wide open with a smile when I saw the poster. I even posed in a few pictures, with her exact pose, I sure did! But I won’t be posted it…darn. At that time, no other female in the Rap/Hip-Hop industry squatted down with a leopard sexy negligee outfit with a fur shawl, and sexy heels to match, ever. I will never forget those days. Her poster stirred up a lot of controversy with the media, radio show hosts, and more, yet that did not stop her shine. The songs on her album were also a new uprising to Female Rap, the lyrics are explicit, and she did not hold back with sex appeal. In that era, people was so use to hearing the men Rap hardcore, however, Lil’ Kim shocked the music industry. Lil’ Kim’s sexy Rap lyrics and personality has gotten her very far, she also became a fashion and style icon. She started to appear in every well known magazine cover, such as, King, The Source, Allure, Sister to Sister, Vibe, Nylon, Black Men, genre, Due, XXL, OneWorld, Kontrol and more. Lil’ Kim modeled for various fashion companies including: Versace, Iceberg, Marc Jacobs (he loves Kim) Baby Phat and more.

Before her second album, a tragic death of late, Christopher Wallace, stage names: Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a Biggie Smalls) has caused a lot of pain and hurt to the Rap industry, fans (including me until this day), family and friends. Lil’ Kim was and still is extremely hurt by his death, for he believed in her innate talent, he helped mentored her and they were also in a serious relationship. Post to his death, Lil’ Kim secluded herself from everyone to mourn the tragic lost. When it came to performances, it took her a little bit to grasp the reality of him not performing with her. Yet, she pulled herself together and continued the legacy of Notorious B.I.G., despite the rumors, gossip and the media.

A Brighter Future Ahead

Lil’ Kim’s second album Notorious K.I.M. was released in the year 2000 (certified platinum by RIAA August 2000.) Kim new look and style was another attention getter (see below this paragraph), and of course the music went right along with it, in my opinion. Her face expression, half naked body poster and gold blonde hair said “I ain’t going anywhere; I am still right here and still standing strong. Come test me nuh! Puurrrrrr” I just love her. Moving on, during this album she was still mourning the loss of Notorious B.I.G., yet she carried on his legacy, and she showed it by naming the album, Notorious K.I.M., and painted it across her stomach, which is so adorable, yet heartbreaking (R.I.P. Biggie.)

Back then when I first saw the album cover, I said while buying the album, “Kim got a tattoo across her stomach?” However, later, I was relieved when I saw her modeling for a particular fashion company and it was not real (Hey! I didn’t know). The songs on this particular album are a little different from Hardcore, but with a new sexy sound to it. The critics had a different perspective, and I do not understand why most of them did not approve of Notorious K.IM. Some of the critics, such as, Jam Music, Mike Ross stated “failed to live up to its hype.”[i] And Tom Sinclair from Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+, stating “The Notorious K.I.M.’s barrage of aural sex is complemented by strong, often lush production and surprisingly, witty samples and interpolations.”[ii] Anyway, a year later Lil’ Kim collaborated with Christina Auguilera, Pink and Mya to sing the re-make of Lady Marmalade (originally from the LaBelle group which included Patti Labelle) and it became a hit song. It stayed number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks, it was also a number 1 hit in 50 countries around the world, which resulted in Lil’ Kim along with the other young ladies winning a Grammy award. She also appeared in movies and television sitcoms, so she was on a roll, no matter what the critics had to say.




Lil’ Kim filmed in Movies


Year of Release

She’s All That 1999
Zoolander 2001
Juwanna Mann 2002
Gang of Roses 2003
Lil’ Pimp 2004
Nora’s Hair Salon 2004
You’ve Got Servied 2004

La Bella Mafia

Her third album La Bella Mafia (certified platinum by RIAA and selling 1 million copies) was released in 2003, and again, she produced another head banger! Again, I was happy that she still was dropping music, for there were so many rumors about her not dropping successful albums, just because of Notorious K.I.M., critical reviews and blah, blah, blah. This album debuted at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard’s Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums chart, and at number 5 on the official Billboard 200, with a successful first week sales of 186,000 copies. In a nut shell this album had a better critical response, for instance, Metacritic gave it 65 out of 100. Nick Catucci, a critic for Spin Magazine, who gave the album 3 stars claimed, “The King is dead – long live the Queen”[i].  Stylus magazine critic Brett Berliner gave the album a B+ calling the album “one of the top hip-hop albums of 2003” said, “Kim is now in a class of female MCs that includes only Rah Digga and MC Lyte and she’s more confident, funny, and sexy than any of them”.  And Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine gave the album 3 stars stating the album was her “most consistent effort to date,” and added the album “plays like one giant bravado about everything: fame, money, power, sex, clothes, rhymes.”[ii]

With a successful third album and sales, movies and television sitcoms, Kim was continuing to build her name; however her next album displayed the distress of disloyalty with some of her former crew members from Junior Mafia, which became The Naked Truth and a hit Reality TV series.


The Naked Truth, Count Down to Lockdown & Loyalty

Her fourth album, The Naked Truth was released in 2005 while she was going through a disturbing 6a00d83451b1d169e200e5505de3d78834-800witime with court dates, interviews, ridicule and the media coverage’s.  I was so heartbroken at that time (as well as others) because Kim was facing 20 years in prison for charges of perjury and conspiracy for protecting her friends for a shooting that occurred in 2001 at New York hip-hop station Hot 97.[i] I am not going to revisit the whole mess, but her “real” friends, family, and fans were devastated and worried about the outcome of the court case. Fortunately, when the verdict was read on July 6th, 2005, she was sentenced to serve 1 year and day in federal prison.[ii] I was relieved that she did not get a longer time, as I always say, “God is good. Amen”


Moving on, Lil’ Kim kept going and she let the world in on her day-to-day activities with her hit reality show on Black Entertainment Television (BET), Count Down to Lock Down which premiered on March 9, 2006. It gave insight of 14 days prior to turning herself in to the U.S. Marshalls on September 19th, 2005. The show became a hit and was the most watched series in BET history, and had a total of 1.9 million viewers nationwide. I recommend any and everyone to watch, for it depicts what can happen to a person for being loyal to a friend or friends who in turn stabbed Kim in the back in a HEART beat. As her assistant, Nate, said in one of the one-on-one interviews on the show, “Hats of to Kim!” I could not have said it better myself. The time spent in prison did not stop Kim from shining, she was released from prison in July of 2006, and she was stunning while wearing her own hair, a white outfit, and a bouquet of flowers and dashing smile. The Queen has returned, and she had wonderful projects coming her way.

Dancing with the Stars

First, let me start off by telling you that I have NEVER watched Dancing with the Stars, ever, until Lil’ Kim was on the show. I have heard of it on numerous occasions, but was just not interested. But when my home girl and best friend in my head Lil’ Kim was performing, I anticipated it every week, and voted as soon as she came on. I had the number on speed-dial! I loved every performance by her and dance partner, Derek Hough. I was so proud of her, and not just as a fan, but as one of my friends that people tried to break down to the lowest point. I had tears in my eyes for most of the performances and laughter. When she was eliminated, I said, “That is some straight bullshit, Kim dances and performs better than the other chicks on the show. And they (meaning decision makers) know why only certain people win, I am done watching. Efff that!” Just like that, I never watched that show again. Kim did her thing on that show compared to the other contestants, they knew that, but that show is based for a specific demographic.


Moving forward-Not being able to release an Album

After being released from prison and performing on Dancing with the Stars, Lil’ Kim, musically was a bit quiet. Most people thought that she was a done deal, while others prayed for her to produce music again. And in the music industry most new comers have the itch to come in swinging when there is no one attacking them, and most always choose to come at Kim (I will touch up on this a bit more). Let me explain, Kim could not produce music from 2009 until about 2011, because of a lawsuit with Brookland Media also known as, Trackmasters. She could not produce any albums, but she could produce mixtapes, like the one release on February 14, 2011, Black Friday.[i] The song, Download she and T-Pain did, ended up being a lost for her because of this lawsuit, click here to hear it from Lil’ Kim herself. I personally did not know this at that time myself; I thought that Kim took a break from music for a while, since she has gone through so much before going to prison. Therefore, when she clarified this over and over again with interviews, I was thrilled.

Black Friday-Kim is not hating, she is the Real Queen of Hip-Hop

I was jumping up and down, shaking my booty and dipping low, screaming “Stop playing my girl Kim is back.” Now to the business, before I mentioned new comers coming in the rap game swinging with no one fighting them back. My title of this article states that I will only be discussing Lil’ Kim because I am tired of people collaborating her name with the new girl in the rap game. Oh yes, you know her, she wears pink wigs, has a bigger booty now, and she raps or suppose to be rapping. She is famous with the young generation, and some OG’s as well which is cool. I do not hate on her and never will, but listening to Kim’s reason for why she produced Black Friday and doing research with my eyes and ears. And watching the fan videos in dedication to Lil’ Kim in regards to the false homage to Kim has made me say, “Damn that is some messed up sh*t, she think her psychology will work forever.” Playtime with Lil’ Kim is over, as the world see with the mixtape cover for Black Friday, and the first line of Kim’s of the song. “Who the f*ck want war, FedEx me straight to your front door, it will be a murder scene, I am turning Pink Friday in Friday the thirteen. Alright you Lil’ Kim clone, clown all this buffoonery, this sh*t stops now. Time for you to lay down, I am sick of the fraud…”Alright, alright, alright I was in the moment, but now do you know who I am talking about? Yeah, I bet you do!

black friday


Black Friday Video

I constantly hear from people when I talk to them face to face, twitter, Youtube, and other websites that Lil’ Kim is hating on the new female rapper. Yet, most people are not trying to figure out why Kim slashed her head off on the Black Friday mixtape and in her lyrics. I will not be detailing it here, but you can click here to watch and hear Kim’s never changing reason for why she became fed up of the subliminal/indirect disrespect from the new girl in the game. Kim did not come at the rappers: Eve, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Dah Brat Left Eye, (from the R&B group TLC), Angie Martinez (when she was rapping), Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Salt & Pepper, Somaya Reece, Lady of Rage and Rah Digger.  As a matter of fact, Kim has posed in numerous pictures and performed at events with most of these women.

View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album

Return of the Queen Tour

Return of the Queen Tour

In short, as the media is aware of by now, Lil’ Kim has once again thought of her fans with a tour performing at various cities and states, from May 2012 until June 2012. Lil’ Kim also received “Keys to the City” in Los Angles from the city’s Mayor at the L.A.’s Gay Pride festival. So she’s doing the damn thing…ya heard! Need not to say more, I have posted a wonderful gallery below this paragraph.

View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album


In conclusion

Lil’ Kim will continue to carry the crown she earned the hard and right way, she earned it by being original and showing respect/love to women who have paved the way for her as a new artist. Kim is always thinking of her fans, friends and family and will always be the ultimate sweet heart.  She is not bitter and hating on 1 particular female rapper when she has worked with many in the past, as I have displayed in the Female MC’s album. In reality, the music industry is a cycle, when a new hot artist come out, they are treated like royalty until the next new hot thing emerges, and then the previous is put in a use to be or has been. I have witness this happen so many times with all musical genres. So no one should not think that he/she is better or will stay on top. Fame come and goes in a flash, everyone is tangible when it comes to change in the entertainment industry.

Playtime is over

Here are video’s proving that Lil’ Kim is not hating or bitter! Get your popcorn ready and your ahhahaahh moment prepared as well.

Playtime is over part 1-

Playtime is over part 2-

Playtime is over part 3-

Playtime is over part 4-

Carbon Copy-

An apology!



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[1] Reviewed by Tom Sinclair (2000-07-14). “The Notorious KIM Review | Music Reviews and News”

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[1] “Lil’ Kim: La Bella Mafia | Music Review”




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  1. Amazing.. i love this article SO MUCH. it just describes Kim in totality,no hating or pathetic shade.. this is brilliant ! i love u for doing this

    1. Thank you darling, I am tired of the negativity towards her, she is a human being like everyone else. Muaaahh


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