VICTORY! Re: Sent back to her rapists?

I helped saved a little girl (with a signature) who have survived being raped 5 times in her country, El Salvador. has sent me the below e-mail.  All it takes is a few seconds to save someone or a cause or make a change! -Lavender Queen Liz


Blanca Medina and her lawyer, Matthew Muller, got some great news from immigrations officials yesterday: after hearing from more than 100,000 people (including you!) who signed Matthew’s petition to prevent Blanca from being deported, they’ve issued a stay of deportation for Blanca and her daughter Alejandra.

Blanca, a five-time rape survivor who fears for her safety in her native El Salvador, was slated to be deported yesterday. But now, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is allowing her to apply for asylum based on her traumatic experience and the danger she would face at home.

“I am relieved DHS listened to the more than 100,000 people who thought it was a travesty to deport a rape survivor back to her attackers,” Matthew said. “This is a major step forward that wouldn’t have happened without public outrage.”

Blanca’s just one of dozens of people who have have challenged unfair deportation orders, and been released from detention, after petitions were started for them on

***Is there an issue you care about? Something you see in the world that needs to change? You can start your own petition on — it takes only five minutes. Click here to start a petition on now.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Gabriela and the team

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