She fell asleep with heavy thoughts and feelings.
Knowing she is a slave to the lender, is not a preference of hers.
Reaching to God in her sleep, praying that she doesn’t have to struggle all over again.
The day before fallen asleep was quite complex.
She was stood up in the heat by a stranger perceiving her intuitive and time, for weakness.
Her ex don’t understand the choice she has made…
This sleep has no dreams, suddenly…
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
Her eyes open and she was holding her heart while looking around her room.
The sullen music are screams of her neighbors…help, help, help and various cries.
She put on outdoor attire, hurriedly and then ran outside to see blood and 2 men holding their gun shot wombs. A little girl crying, the mother stripping her clothes in dire pain…
The sleepless, disappointed woman wondered…
“Is my situation as bad as theirs?”

Lavender Queen Liz

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