Month: January 2013

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The name Martin R. Delany (pictured) may not ring in the minds of many African Americans; however, the American Civil War veteran, abolitionist, writer, and explorer is often said to be America’s first supporter of Black Nationalism. Delany lived a long and fruitful life, passing at the age of 72 on this day in 1885. NewsOne takes a look back to honor this amazing Black pioneer.

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Martin Delany was on born on May 6, 1812, in Charleston, Wv., which was still part of Virginia, a slave state. His father, Samuel, was a slave, as were his captured African paternal and maternal grandparents. Delany was born free, due to his mother, Pati, also being born free as well.

Delany’s parents drilled in to their son that he was of royal African lineage during his early…

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