NY Rising-Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo Rising for New York, I like it!

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo delivered his 2013 State of the State address, where he proposed a comprehensive agenda that builds on the progress of the past two years. To read his full agenda, click here, and view highlights below.

The Governor outlined actions to attract good jobs and economic growth, including:

  • Accelerate the commercialization of good ideas and new businesses to create jobs

  • Reform workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance to reduce business costs

  • Make New York a national leader in building a clean tech economy program

  • Better match training programs to meet required skills of available jobs

  • Continue to focus on growing the economy in Upstate New York

We will continue our work to create a world-class education system that prepares the next generation for the future by taking steps to:

  • Provide students with more learning time

  • Recruit and retain only the best and brightest educators

  • Improve education and resources in New York’s neediest communities

To restore New York as the progressive capital of the nation, Governor Cuomo proposes to:

  • Achieve equality for women through a 10-point plan to break down barriers that perpetuate discrimination and inequality based on gender

  • Raise the minimum wage to $8.75 an hour

  • Decriminalize marijuana possession in public view with 15 grams or less

  • Ensure fairness in justice system by strengthening eyewitness identification and recording criminal interrogations

  • Invest $1 billion to preserve affording housing

New York has put in place some of the strongest public safety laws in the nation, but the Governor recognizes there is more we can do to protect New Yorkers such as:

  • Reduce gun violence by putting a safe and fair gun policy in place

  • Criminalize the sale and possession of designer synthetic drugs

  • Increase cyber security in the state

To give New Yorkers a stronger voice in government and strengthen the state’s democracy, the Governor’s proposed reforms include:

  • Make the state’s campaign finance laws more fair and require more disclosure

  • Make voting easier by creating an early voting system

  • Launch OPEN NY to increase government transparency and allow online access to government data, reports, statistics, and other information

Facing the reality of climate change and extreme storms, the Governor proposed a series of proposals to prepare our state:

  • Harden our infrastructure, including a more resilient New York Harbor, subway system, fuel delivery system, utility infrastructure, and strengthened wastewater infrastructure

  • Update our building codes to improve the resilience of our buildings and provide homeowners in vulnerable locations with support to mitigate future threats or to relocate

  • Redesign our power system to strengthen state oversight over utilities and privatize the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) to address its systemic flaws and weaknesses
  • Establish a world-class emergency response network, including specialized training for the National Guard and the creation of a statewide volunteer network, civilian emergency response corp and private sector emergency response task force

  • Strengthen cell phone networks and communication systems and develop a program to allow mass text messages to send messages to a specific geographic area

  • Lower the regional greenhouse gas emissions cap, increase alternative local renewable power sources, and ensure a skilled energy workforce by expanding career training and placement programs.

To read his full plan for New York State, click here.

To join the Governor in his plan for 2013, visit www.NYGetInvolved.com, where you can also find full coverage of today’s address, including video and the Governor’s PowerPoint presentation.


The Office of the Governor

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