Mint and purple cat eye look

Cat Eyes Red Lips


Hello beauties, how is everyone? The weekend came with a little spring break for me, since Easter is next Sunday, so my days will be even more sunny from now 🙂 I hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend.

I know mint went well with brown eyes and so does purple, so I decided to combine them in this look. The huge eyeliner was not intended, I usually start thin, but end up having panda eyes. It’s a good thing I’ve grown to like panda eyes.

I used the minty colour on the inner half and the purple on the outer one and into the crease. The mint should have shown more but I put too much eyeliner on it so it’s hard to tell. I am wearing my favourite star shaped falsies, I like this shape in particular because it gives me the glam effect but you…

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