Family Zimmerman ‘Rescued’ Wants Nothing to Do With Him

106.7 WTLC

The family that George Zimmerman saved from an overturned vehicle earlier this week insists that, while they are thankful to the man recently acquitted by a Florida court for the murder of Trayvon Martin, they are terrified of being publicly associated with him.

Today, a spokesperson for Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara confirmed that the family will cancel a planned news conference saying that “They don’t want to be associated with George.”

“Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle told friends and neighbors that though they’re thankful Mr. Zimmerman helped them, they do not want to talk publicly about him for fear they will be accused of portraying him as a hero,” reads a Tuesday report in The Daily Mail.

“They are very grateful to Zimmerman for what he did, but they do not want to get involved,” an anonymous friend of that family told the Mail. “There is so much hatred directed…

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