Is Your Facebook Page Changing Your Employer’s Perception of You?

Black America Web

The correlation between your Facebook page and how it affects your employer’s perception of you has grown exponentially since the inception of social media years ago. The good news is most employees and candidates for employment have learned valuable lessons from horror stories of people getting fired or reprimanded due to inappropriate posts, whether personal or professional in nature.

On top of making personal judgments about an employee, some employers are scanning Facebook pages to pre-screen and ascertain the possible productivity capabilities of a future employee based upon how many times per day or per hour they post on social media. Needless to say, many employees and those seeking employment feel this “stalking” form of pre-screening and interviewing to be totally invasive and counter-productive to the formal screening and interviewing processes used to hire the best talent for a company.

While working for a law firm, years ago, a co-worker…

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