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Working While Black: Surviving Workplace Racism & Microaggressions — BlackDoctor

The struggles of being a Black professional are multi-layered. We’re often underrepresented in a lot of the places we’re employed. Finding allies that look like us is often crucial to corporate survival and day-to-day sanity. Even when we find that group of co-workers who are “down” we still have to deal with the effects of…

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Happy Birthday To Nelson Mandela at 94 Years Old

Nelson Mandela doesn’t want you to paint the town red to celebrate his birthday — he wants you to help clean it up!

To celebrate the South African peace leader’s birthday today, people all over the world are spending 67 minutes volunteering in both big and small ways to commemorate the 67 years Mandela spent fighting injustice.

In 2009, the United Nations declared July 18 as International Mandela Day, celebrating the birthday of South Africa’s first black president, who spent 27 years in apartheid jail.

Desmond Tutu encouraged South Africans on Monday to celebrate the peace leader’s birthday by honoring his giving legacy, according to AFP.

“Mr Mandela taught us to love ourselves, to love one another and to love our country,” Tutu said. “He laid the table so that all South Africans could eat; we must ensure all members of the family are invited.”

Residents of South Africa are carrying out acts of service on both large and smaller scales, the Associated Press reports. Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity are building 67 houses across the nation. People are also distributing books and essentials such as sanitary pads. And on his visit to see Mandela, former President Bill Clinton planted an avocado pear tree, an African symbol of growth and sustenance.

South Africans are also getting creative when it comes to honoring Mandela. One tattoo parlor seeks to ink 67 images of Mandela’s face on clients and donate the proceeds to charity, the AP reports.

After Public Outcry, Adidas Cancels the Sneakers with Shackles

After massive public backlash, Adidas has announced that it no longer has plans to release the shackled sneaker that it was planning to put on the market in August.  The sneakers, called the JS Roundhouse Mids, were originally placed on the Adidas Facebook page.

“Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?” the company asked on its page, displaying the shoes with shackles on the back of them.  The post led to responses from around the world.

“Wow obviously there was no one of color in the room when the marketing/product team ok’d this,” said one commentator.

“I literally froze up when I saw a new design from Adidas set to hit stores in August,” said Dr. Boyce Watkins in a post for the website Your Black World.

Adidas continues to argue that the sneakers were not meant to promote slavery or incarceration.  But people around the world have disagreed.  The company’s decision to remove the sneakers from the market is the safe bet, since reaction was growing with each passing day.  Even Rev. Jesse Jackson had something to say on the matter.

“The attempt to commercialize and make popular more than 200 years of human degradation, where blacks were considered three-fifths human by our Constitution is offensive, appalling and insensitive,” said Rev. Jackson in a statement.