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I am working on a great piece that I would love to post, but it’s premature. But trust me, you will not be disappointed. What I can do is share the title, which is “They Want Something” and it’s not easy to write because it’s a heartfelt one.

Stay safe and well!

Racists Already Trying To Scare Florida Voters Away From Andrew Gillum — Black America Web

White supremacists are unabashedly engaging in the politics of fear by targeting Andrew Gillum, the first African American nominee for Florida governor, with a series of racist robocalls intended for white voters. In one automated phone call heard by two media organizations, a man pretends to be Gillum speaking in stereotypical Black dialect while…

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A cross between insanity and reason…

I love this article and think you might too! Thanks Jessica…

Welcome to the CUNY SPS Office of Student Services

I tend to think that I’m reasonable. There is nothing that you can’t explain to me that I won’t understand or try to understand. I heed advice because I’d rather avoid the pitfalls of life than go through something that someone can help me avoid. I think I’ve been through more than enough at this stage of my life.

The one thing that drives me insane is that I don’t listen to people who don’t have a leg to stand on. If your a hot mess trying to tell me what to do—your nuts, bonkers, mad—I don’t even want to hear your spiel. Get yourself together first then lets assess.

This isn’t limited to my own parents. It’s not that I’m still holding on to the resentment of the past for essentially raising myself as a teen. But I can’t understand where mostly my father gets off trying to tell…

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Purple Ashes: Prince’s Body Cremated In Private Ceremony — BlackDoctor

He’s really gone. In a private ceremony on Saturday, April 23, 2016, Prince’s remains have been cremated, and a small group of family and friends gathered to honor the music legend, his publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure stated. In a statement to the press, she said that Prince’s remains had been cremated after his body was released…

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My Story: “I Won’t Let Lupus Beat Me” — BlackDoctor

Nakita is a Lupus Butterfly. She wears her purple colors loud and proud with a mission to inspire other women. And when she met fellow lupus sufferer Jakita, she knew she was someone special. Jokiva is the founder of the popular Facebook group; “The Real Housewives of Lupus,” a group for women with Lupus and…

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