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Working While Black: Surviving Workplace Racism & Microaggressions — BlackDoctor

The struggles of being a Black professional are multi-layered. We’re often underrepresented in a lot of the places we’re employed. Finding allies that look like us is often crucial to corporate survival and day-to-day sanity. Even when we find that group of co-workers who are “down” we still have to deal with the effects of…

via Working While Black: Surviving Workplace Racism & Microaggressions — BlackDoctor

Happy Administrative Professional Day!

Happy Administrative Professional Day from me to you!  The work we admins put in is vital.  Now back to work.😊😆administrative-professionals-day


Your Personality-Watered Down & Non-Existent…What a Shame!

Good Morning to My Followers,

I know I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I must say that I am so happy to be back.  I have a New mind set, life focus’s and a revamp blue print of blogging that most will love/like.

Moving forward, I’ve been watching and listening to Sheila Robinson-Kiss, who is a motivational speaker, and clinical social worker/therapist Youtube videos for a little over a year now.  And I couldn’t have come across a better speaker than her.  There are many, yet she’s one of my favorites. Her messages are clear, direct, passionate, and at times eye opening and may make you tear up or ponder, but that’s only because she uses examples from her years of counseling various kinds of people and their situations.  And examples from her own experiences as well.  I recommend you to listen to this video, I wouldn’t waste your precious time.  Give it a listen, and let me know what you think.


Breast Cancer Awareness and My Absence

Breast Cancer Awareness and My Absence

Greetings to My Followers,

I want to first shed light on an important month to millions of people around the world, who has a family member with breast cancer or a survivor. I can’t imagine what you or they could be going through or have gone through, but just believe and have faith that God is wonderful. I wear my awareness bracelet every day (it’s pink) and don’t take it off, at all. I may have been busy to not blog, but I had to stop for this moment.

Now, I have been absent from blogging and feel horrible. Why? Because I love it and don’t believe in being absent from starting such a wonderful hobby. I have started a new job which doesn’t allow me to work traditional hours, such as, 9-5 pm, and my personal life wasn’t balanced before the job. However, as the good saying goes, “I rise”! Therefore, I am dropping some good words to my followers and to breast cancer awareness.

In addition,

I will try to be more active, even if it’s 1 blog a week, but please remember that I didn’t abandon my blog (s).


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