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My frightening enlightenment about the “Illuminati and the Illuminated” Part 1

I was surfing Youtube last night, May 5th, 2012, and ran across celebrities, government and key decision makers in the World who are Illuminated through Secret Societies.  I do not have all of the details of how everything works with such cults, yet rest assured I am doing my research.  And in my opinion it makes a lot of sense of what these video’s are exposing….

It takes only ONE Mom

I love that I am getting involved in organizations which fight for inhumane and un-fair practices or world-wide neglect to the unfortunate, such as www.one.org

Please join and sign petitions, it doesn’t hurt to sign to help populace whom are less fortunate than yourself.

However, this particular video is for mothers all around the world to spread the word for the fight against extreme poverty. 

I was happy to sign-up!  What about you?

Go to http://one.org/moms to learn more!

Another one of One.org wonderful spread the word video’s.

Go to http://one.org/actnow for more information.

The Cognition of the U.S.A.


It’s filled with political: thoughts, models, prototypes, pattern recognitions, memories, constructive and direct perceptions.

Don’t think, feel, or remember these things,

Go away, they say!

The country is full of sorrow, lay-offs, unemployed, and hateful or loving politicians.

Please go way, today!

No one cares of the famine, rape, prostitution, and trafficking rates in the surrounding countries, it’s ascending.  

30,000 children died in Somalia, Africa in 3 months due to famine.  Who dare to scream, win, win, win! (Visit www.one.org)

The rich cry of being/becoming broke in a rich place, so budget,

And let 1 person do a 3 person job.

It’s hear to stay, wait maybe until real a change!

To be continued…