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My frightening enlightenment about the “Illuminati and the Illuminated” Part 1

I was surfing Youtube last night, May 5th, 2012, and ran across celebrities, government and key decision makers in the World who are Illuminated through Secret Societies.  I do not have all of the details of how everything works with such cults, yet rest assured I am doing my research.  And in my opinion it makes a lot of sense of what these video’s are exposing….

Zimmerman arrested, charged with murder

My usual e-mail updates that I receive from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) which I am delighted to share with you.

Prosecutor Angela Corey just announced that George Zimmerman will be arrested and charged with murder.

Over the past six weeks you joined our tireless call for George Zimmerman’s arrest, and now we can take solace in knowing the wheels of justice are moving and the voices of millions of Americans have been heard.

Your hard work, petitions, and prayers contributed to this moment.

The arrest of George Zimmerman will not heal the hole that Trayvon’s murder left in our hearts. It will not bring him back to his family, nor will it bring back the countless other young, black victims of similar crimes.

But Zimmerman’s arrest can serve as a turning point. As we have seen, the system does not always work perfectly. But we have shown that when we stand together as a nation we can compel it to work.

For the NAACP, this case has always been about justice, fairness, and the rule of law. We anticipate and expect a thorough federal investigation of the Sanford Police Department and its role in exacerbating this tragedy.

In the weeks since Trayvon’s death, we have stood up to say our sons and daughters will not be victims of such senseless crimes, our nieces and nephews will not be taken from us far too soon, and our grandchildren will not be forced to walk the streets wondering, “What if?”

At this moment we can declare, “Trayvon is the last one.” Elected officials, law enforcement officers, and our nation as a whole must understand that racial profiling and the official neglect of the murders of young men of color will not be tolerated. Together we can make sure the world we leave to all of the Trayvons in our lives is a better and safer place.

We must build a movement to push our nation forward. Please take a moment to sign our name wall in memory of Trayvon, and to stand with us in securing justice for our children. In doing so, we each are committing that we will ensure all our children will be treated fairly and protected by those who have sworn they will do just that:


Thank you for your support,


Benjamin Todd Jealous
President & CEO

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Breaking News: Trayvon Prosecutor foregoes grand jury

I received my usual e-mails from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) today, at 7:18 PM, about the Trayvon Martin’s grand jury conclusion by Florida’s State Attorney, Angela Corey. And it is what millions of people feared…

This afternoon, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey made a surprising announcement: she decided to forego a grand jury in the Trayvon Martin case.

Her decision has put the responsibility of whether or not to prosecute George Zimmerman squarely on her shoulders, and hers alone.

Thousands of NAACP members around the country have marched on behalf of Trayvon Martin and his family in the last few weeks. Thousands more have prayed and held vigils in his name. And you added your name to the tens of thousands of people who appealed to Florida State Attorney Corey, asking her to passionately pursue justice in the case.

In light of today’s news, we’ve got to redouble our efforts.

Please share the petition to Prosecutor Corey with your family and friends today:


From day one, Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, have been pillars of courage. Even in their suffering, they have stood unwaveringly for justice. Their example has inspired a global movement for justice for Trayvon.

Clearly, the Sanford police mishandled the investigation into Trayvon’s death from the beginning. But we now have an opportunity to ensure that justice delayed does not become justice denied. Our most important task is to act now to make sure Prosecutor Corey handles Trayvon’s case with an eye for justice.

Help spread the word about our call to Prosecutor Corey for justice for Trayvon–and all our children:


Thank you for your support. Together, we will continue our fight for justice.


Benjamin Todd Jealous
President & CEO

PS: The NAACP recently held a rally for Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. http://www.naacp.org/news/entry/naacp-organizes-march-rally-for-trayvon-martinutm_medium=email&utm_source=NAACP&utm_campaign=20120409prosecutorcoreyshare&utm_content=video&source=20120409prosecutorcoreyshare

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