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“The story just does not make sense, that he was in this type of scuffle. The story just does not add up!” Funeral Director Debunks Defense stated about the #TrayvonMartin killing!

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Journalists will be arrested for questioning.

Martin’s mom: Video ‘icing on the cake’

This HIGH PROFILE case is not going to rest, and the people in the nation whom are praying along with me.  Justice will be served!  Who ever leaked the surveillance video of George Zimmerman arrest, I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart!

CNN Video Footage

CNN Video Footage

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer speaks on behalf of his Client!  He looks so uneasy…

Trayvon Martin Witness Breaks Silence and Trayvon Martin Girlfriend Speaks


My heart if very heavy with this case, such a handsome, young man gone because of racial profiling…God help his family and everyone else who is outraged.







National support and outrage for Trayvon Martin…let’s Keep the Unity!

Twitter trends for Trayvon: 

I am so happy that Trayvon Martin’s death isn’t blown over or closed as a cold case file.  I commend and love that even Celebrities are showing tribute by wearing hoodies and taking a picture, for the world to see!  The unity among Black people at this moment makes my heart very proud, for this is an unfortunate matter at the Nation’s hand.  A lot of young black men lives were taken in the past, and their case have been closed, but God is so good!  Whatever is in the dark, must come to light, and nothing stays the same forever.

I am a believer that, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES BACK AROUND.  So, the people in power who can facilitate the Martin’s justice for their son’s death, should take the legal action to handle George Zimmerman’s incarceration.   In addition, I know (and others in this world), and let me say it again, I (we) know that if it was the other way around, an arrest would have been made ASAP!

**Celebrities pictures in the slideshow, Ludacris, P. Diddy, Frank Ocean, Lamman Rucker, Jamie Foxx, The Dream, Swizz Beatz, and Nelly, just to name a few…

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