“Get out, get out, get out.  I am tired of this, out!” she says while pushing him out of the door, again…

It’s not the first time, it’s a break up to make up drill.  Yet, he refuses to leave, this woman saved him from sinking deeper and deeper into sadness, she makes him relax and comfortable by cooking, cleaning, and washing his clothing, by hand!

The intercourse is awesome, and she adores him to the fullest, but it’s her apartment, not his, so she has the right to him out, due to lack of tender loving care, in return.

He has his own house, but her dwelling is more intriguing.

“Hurry and stop moving slow on purpose. Take all of your stuff home. I am tired of trying to make you friggin’ happy, and all you can do is sulk around worrying about lotto numbers, and God knows what else. What kind of man wouldn’t even want to eat breakfast? Nooo you’d rather smoke a cigarette. Leave now, please!”  She yells while he purposely move slowly while giving her a puppy dog look.

She starts to gather his belongings and then throws them at him. “Hurry up and get out.” Tears are falling down his face, like rain. She sees it, and immediately feels remorseful, and angry.

“I want you to remember that I loved you, and tried with you. On our first few dates you had the same nasty attitude as now, nothing has change.”  She says to him while pulling him close to her face.

The tears are forming in her eyes, wondering what is going on. What happened to her peaceful, single life. Everything is happening too fast. She slammed the door behind him and felt horrible.

Thirty minutes later, she goes out to dispose her garbage, when she look to right, the window in the hallway is broken. “Was it always broken?” she wondered and thought to herself, “If it was, then why is their shattered pieces of glass near by?” She shrugged and went back in her apartment, sad.

Knock, knock, knock! She jumped, startled, but immediately she figured it out, it was the estranged boyfriend she kicked out, again. Through the peep hole it’s him she sees appearing desperate. She unlocks the door, “Did you punch the glass?” She asked, but he didn’t reply, “Why did you break the glass?”. He looks down, no reply.

He enters and they look at each other for a few seconds.  Instantly they start making love, it was honeymoon heat, kisses, moaning, holding, crying and whispers of I love you’s.  After it was over, the both cuddled and thought in unity…

“This love relationship is a case of


(Real Anger Goes Everlasting).”

Newly Un-Weds

The love is in the air,
So much that is scare.
He feels, she feels, the rarely agree,
“When?” he asks, will I get to see.
“I think I love him” she ponder,
When not together, they wonder.
Fear, Falling, Fuss and fight,
Yet, can’t wait for that day/ night.
“You make me feel brand new!”

Lavender Queen Liz


When you see him you perceive hard work, and love is needed!
He isn’t noticeable right away, he makes you aware.
Hard work is his survival, no steady payment only commissioned money.
Not willing to settle for less or so Joseph says to her.
Then she thinks, maybe he is a woman’s key to happiness, unlock and open.
Joseph, Joseph, Joseph is all she thinks about.
“Save me” she says, and he has yet to hear her plea…

Another Again

Always the unknown guy to appear upon her,
Once it’s known, she’s attracted to another opposite.

Celibacy is a close friend telling her to let go of the friendship.
She sees the unknown guy quite often, then suddenly something interrupts her focus.

The kissing, grabbing, four play, crying, break up to make up, the arguing, the dinners, showers and then…it is in her head.
When they see each other by chance, the chemistry is dynamic, yet her pride won’t let her say, Another Again.

Love can’t be that strong

The sound of your voice enlightened my night,

Your have another child with her, again and it gave me twilight.

Life goes on, but the back of the heart does not move on,

Love can’t be that damn strong.

I am happy that you are alive and kicking,

It’s time to marry her and stop tricking.

Never ever could I see myself with you,

But the feelings have not fully fallen through.

My life is blessed with a child,

But baby I can still spot you from a mile.

Then I think to you reaching out to me,

If I was with you, the same thing would be.

As for her, she does not know,

If she did, you still wouldn’t go.

Therefore, I say, I say and I say, again,

Love can’t be that damn strong, friend to the end.

The Sad Truth

I wrote this poem back in the year 2004

Since the day I was born, there’s a burden,
I try to dodge it, but it stays over my head,
My heart has gain strength from the pain and hurting,
In times of humiliation and hunger, I pray for my deathbed,
My parents sinned to the fullest in their past,
Confrontation and sorrow are my best friends,
Yet, old timers say it won’t last,
Tough times are lengthy but once happiness occurs, it never ends.

Copyright © 2004